Eindelijk weer een nieuw solo album van Donald Fagen
Door op 23 september 2012

Artiest: Donald Fagen
Album_title: Sunken Condos
Genre: Pop
Label: Warner Music

Op 12 oktober verschijnt het vierde soloalbum van Donald Fagen (Steely Dan) getiteld Sunken Condos. Het album werd geproduceerd door Fagen zelf en Michael Leonhart, die eerder al meewerkte aan het Grammy Award winnende album Two Against Nature van Steely Dan. Het album bevat acht originele Fagen tracks en een cover van Isaac Hayes getiteld Out Of The Ghetto. Het album Sunken Condos is de opvolger van het uit 2006 uitgebrachte Morph The Cat, het laatste deel in de Nightfly Trilogy (2007).

Over de samenwerking met Fagen vertelt Leonhart: “Since my earliest days working with Donald (starting with Steely Dan in 1996), he has always been extremely welcoming of my feedback and creative input. This was never more apparent than during the extensive sessions for this album. As we recorded each of the nine songs, Donald or I would inevitably discover a melody line, lyric, chord or rhythm arrangement idea that needed a little nuancing and refining. We always took whatever time was needed to turn a “good idea” into a “great idea”. 

Once all the tracks were recorded and set in stone, we did a few short pre-mix listening sessions of a handful of albums on which we liked the sound of reverbs, stereo imaging, eq and compression (or lack thereof), but overall, Donald and I were on the same page from the beginning as to what the album should sound like, so reference music didn’t enter into the equation.”

Tracklisting Sunken Condos:

  1. Slinky Thing
  2. I´m Not The Same Without You
  3. Memorabilia
  4. Weather In My Head
  5. The New Breed
  6. Out Of The Ghetto
  7. Miss Marlene
  8. Good Stuff
  9. Planet D´Rhonda